DAY 1: Tuesday 11 June  Sydney Ideas : “Why should the perfect robot look and think just like a human?”

Venue: SSB Lecture Theatre 200 Social Sciences Building, the University of Sydney


6pm: Opening by Ian Manchester, Associate Director, Sydney Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (University of Sydney, Australia)

Chair: Chris Chesher

6.10pm: Minoru Asada (Osaka University, Japan)

     How to design artificial moral agents towards symbiotic society

6.30pm: Raya Jones (Cardiff University, UK)

     Anthropomorphism as a dialogue with ourselves

6.50pm: Discussion and Q&A

7.30pm: End of day 1


DAY 2: Wednesday 12 June

Venue: Lecture Theatre 1130 Abercrombie Business School Building

9am: Registration

SESSION 1 – Chair: Naoko Abe

9.30am: Laurence Devillers (Sorbonne University/CNRS, France)

     Bad nudge Bad robot: ethical issues


10.20am: Coffee Break

SESSION 2 – Chair: Kai Riemer

10.40am: Mike Seymour (University of Sydney, Australia)

     The Arms Race of Faces: AI, Agency and Identity

11am: Chris Chesher & Fiona Andreallo (University of Sydney, Australia)

     Eye, vision and gaze in science fiction and social robotics

11.20am: Katsumi Watanabe (Waseda University, Japan, University of New South Wales, Australia)

     Agency, experience, and social interactions in cognitive scientific views

11.40am: Mari Velonaki (University of New South Wales, Australia)

     Re-examining anthropomorphism as a necessity to create an aesthetic framework for robots capable of social interaction and intervention

12pm: Q&A


12.15pm: Lunch

SESSION 3 – Chair: Justine Humphry 

1.15pm: Naoko Abe (University of Sydney, Australia)

     Generating anthropomorphic motion and sociological perspective

1.35pm: Simon Coghlan, Lucy Sparrow, Martin Gibbs, Jenny Waycott (University of Melbourne, Australia)

     The human touch: Ethical dimensions of care robots made “in our image”

1.55pm: Yolande Strengers (Monash University, Australia) & Jenny Kennedy (RMIT University, Australia)

     Turn me on, turn me off

2.15pm: Massimiliano Cappuccio (University of New South Wales, Australia)

Anthropomorphism in hybrid taskforces: social cognition and artificial autonomous agents

2.35pm Q&A


2.50pm: Coffee Break

SESSION4 – Chair: Jolynna Sinanan

3.10pm: Ed Santow (Australian Human Rights Commission, Australia)

     Of AI, horses and jockeys: Re-negotiating our relationship with machines in the era of AI

3.30pm: Yuji Sone (Macquarie University, Australia)

     Hiroshi Ishiguro’s android science: The fabulationof “upstream engagement” and entertainment

3.50pm: Jason Tuckwell (Western Sydney University, Australia)

     Techné, agency and computation 

4.10pm: Toby Walsh (University of New South Wales, Australia)

     Artificial and Natural Minds

4.30pm: Q&A


4.45pm Break

SESSION 4 – Chair: Chris Chesher

5pm: Panel discussion

with Minoru Asada, Raya Jones and Laurence Devillers

6pm: End of symposium


* This program is subject to change.